Phase 1
DogeVille token:
  • DogeVille contract ✅
  • Website launch ✅
  • Whitepaper v1 ✅
  • Game prototype ✅
  • Listing on CG ✅
  • Listing on CMC✅
  • Audit ✅
  • Dashboard release✅
Version 1.0 of DogeVille:
Version 1.0 has been split into 2 sections. The map release & the functionality
On 12-23-2021 DogeVille was released. Players are able to check the map and able to click onto the buildings to see what they will function as in the future.
To exactly point out what was added:
-Blockchain integration(Able to connect wallet)
-Website for the game was launched
-Map was added
-All starter buildings were added
-Players were able to click on buildings to see its functionality before they actually got added
-Optimization for mobile
In the second part of v1.0 the functionality of the first buildings was added. This was done on 12-28-2021.
What has been added?
-Winter update has hit DogeVille, get your shovel out!
-DogeVille swap has gone live > Farmer's Market. Swap BNB for DVILLE and DVILLE for BNB in-game
-Quality upgrades on desktop
-Barn added
-In-game bugs have been fixed
Barn: Functionality to the barn was added. Players were able to deposit tokens into the barn for a chance to earn an EVOL0 seed NFT. The EVOL0 NFTs will be ultra rare as there will only ever be a few minted. The giveaway will work through a ticket system. Here's the exact details:
Every 5 million DVILLE tokens stored in the barn at the end of the giveaway earns the player 1 ticket.
For every 20 million DVILLE tokens stored for 24 hours the player gets 1 more ticket.
So let's do an example: I have 100.000.000 DVILLE (100million). I post them all 3 days before the giveaway ends. So I get 20 raffle tickets (100mil / 5mil = 20) + 15 raffle tickets for holding (100mil / 20mil = 5 * 3 days) = 35 tickets to join the raffle for an NFT
If you withdraw tokens. They won't count for the 24 hours tickets. The player will only have a raffle ticket per 5mil tokens.
Only 1 NFT can be won per wallet
In total, only 50 EVOL0's will be minted. Here's how they will be distributed:
-20 EVOL0's for players that put their tokens into the barn
-20 EVOL0's for players that purchase them from the Farmer's market
-10 EVOL0's reserved for giveaways & team
Depending on how fast the Evol0s sell out there might be a second batch of 25 released. The goal of the evol0s is to be very rare but also a bit accessible for the people that are here so far.
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