As DogeVille launches and progresses more content will be added. We will be working in phases. Each of these phases will have detailed information about the DogeVille token and gameplay. We will be documenting this in our roadmap. Our roadmap will contain a strategic plan that defines our goals and our desired outcomes while including the major steps or milestones needed to reach them. It will also serve as a communication tool, a document that helps articulate strategic thinking and explains the reasons behind both the goal and the plan for getting there. Our roadmap will contain 4 different phases while splitting every phase into 2 different sections. These 2 sections will be the DogeVille token and the DogeVille game.
The token part of DogeVille will be focusing on social media, marketing, collaborations, etc. Here we describe all that we are planning to do with the token rather than the game. While this section does not directly impact the game, it certainly does in some ways. Since our chosen marketing strategies will impact the price of our coin, The in-game price for crops will also be impacted. The game part of DogeVille will mostly feature information about updates in-game which will be adding more content. These changes will most likely not have any impact on the DogeVille token.
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