The DVILLE token has a maximum supply of 100,000,000,000 tokens.


DogeVille has a total tax of 12% on every transaction made using the DogeVille token.
The tax is split up into the following:
For every buy/sell 4% is taken and converted to liquidity. As the liquidity pool grows the price fluctuations will decrease and become more stable.
2% of every buy/sell is redistributed back to the holders. Creating an incentive to hold. Redistribution of DogeVille is automatically traded into BUSD-T and sent as BUSD-T to your wallet.
Marketing: To ensure DogeVille keeps on growing and becomes a recognized brand amongst cryptocurrency 3% of every transaction is sent to the marketing wallet.
Development: DogeVille aims to be a game in which new content is pushed out constantly. To ensure this happens we need funds to pay graphic designers, developers and the team pushing the project behind the scenes. 3% of every transaction is sent to the development wallet.

Token distribution

Total supply (Fixed): 100,000,000,000 DVille
51.9% of tokens for pre-sale
36.5% of tokens for liquidity/pancakeswap
10% of tokens for development/staking/bridging
1.6% of tokens for Gaming Funds/payments
As the project moves on and the play-2-earn model is integrated the decision will have to be made whether the project is launched on Binance smart chain or we choose another network. This has to do with the high fees on the BSC network. If the decision is made to integrate the play-2-earn model on another network we will have to bridge the BSC version of DogeVille with the desired network. In order to accomplish this, we will need tokens on both sides of the bridge. This is why we are keeping 10% of the supply to facilitate the potential bridge.
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