As we explained in the first paragraph DogeVille at its core needs to be a simple yet fun game. To ensure this the development of DogeVille has always had in mind to keep it simple. Not only does this make the reach of the game bigger as young and old can both play it also makes the implementation of a play 2 earn model on the blockchain a lot easier.
Please note that most of these features will not be live during the first alpha testing. We will be building from the ground up and to make sure everything goes right it's necessary to slowly implement changes and new content.
The way it works
Once the player has connected their wallet they are able to enter the world of DogeVille. Every single building will have its own functionality. For a player to start playing DogeVille they must purchase a seed NFT through the Farmer's market. Every seed has its own stats and they all differ from each other. With the seed purchased, they can start the growing phase. Simply head over to the farm to start. Every seed has a timer until it turns into a full-grown crop. Once the crop is fully grown the player is able to harvest and collect the yield. The silo is used as a storage place for all the crops. Collected crops can be used as ingredients for other recipes or sold to other DogeVille players through the Farmer's market.
Greenhouse: Place to check out your NFTs and mutate the NFTs to reach a higher tier
Silo: General storage place for all the harvested crops by the player
Farmer's Market: Here you can access the DEX and the NFT marketplace Farm fields: The farm fields is the spot to place your seeds
Barn: Bank to deposit/withdraw DVILLE tokens
Map: General overview of all the different buildings in the game
The greenhouse acts as an inventory for players to check out their NFT's and the stats on the NFT'S. The main function of the greenhouse is for players to mutate NFT's to potentially get a higher tier NFT.
The silo is a storage building for all harvested crops by a player. When the player activates their NFT(Seed) the growing phase starts. The player will be given a cooldown which acts as the ''grow time''. Once the crop is fully grown the player is able to harvest it to obtain the crops. The crops get sent to the silo for storage until the player decides whether they want to sell them on the Farmer's market or use them as an ingredient to make more advanced recipes.
Farmers Market
The Farmers Market has 2 functionalities:
-DogeVille swap
-NFT marketplace
In the game, DogeVille will have its own swap. Players are easily able to swap BNB for DVILLE tokens and DVILLE tokens for BNB. This makes it easy for new players to get involved. Having everything needed to start playing in 1 place.
The NFT marketplace will be the base of the DVILLE ecosystem. Players are able to access the NFT marketplace to purchase and sell NFTs to other players. A small percentage of the buys/sells on the marketplace will be taken for development/staking rewards.
Farm fields
The farm fields is the place on the map for players to start growing their seeds into crops. Players click on the farm fields and start the growing phase with their seed NFT. A maximum of 9 NFTs are able to be planted at once. Once the player accepts the pop-up it starts. After 8 hours the seeds have turned into crops and the player is able to harvest by interacting with the farm. The harvested crops will be sent to the silo for storage.
The barn functions as a storage for DVILLE tokens. Players are able to deposit/withdraw tokens anytime. Once the player stores DVILLE tokens in the barn they are eligible for rewards after phase 1 launch.
The map acts as a general overview of all the different buildings in the game. Players are able to interact with the buildings on the map. In phase 1 only a few buildings will be interactive. As development goes on more buildings will have their functionality added.
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