In the farmlands, players have the ability to plant, grow and harvest crops. This entire process is started when a player that owns a seed NFT plants it on the farmlands. Once this has been done, the growing phase begins. Once the timer has completed the growing phase the player is able to click onto the crop to harvest.
Players are able to upgrade their farmlands (Purchase additional land) a maximum of 3 times with a maximum of 4 pieces of farmland. The first piece of land will have to be bought with the equivalent of 20$ BNB. This is to stop bots from playing & fuel the rest of the game.
Each piece of farmland has 5 spots for crops 1 NFT has 50 water, each rarity crop has different water needs. Water restores slowly when a crop has been planted.
Water needs per rarity
Hours to fully restore water for each rarity seed
Once a player plants their seed NFT on the farmlands it will start growing. Every rarity of crop has different growing timers.
Growing timers for each rarity
In a future update players will have the ability to shorten growing timers by crafting certain recipes
Every NFT has a certain amount of harvesting luck. This means the % chance that the seed will have a successful harvest.
For example 80% harvesting luck:
80% chance at 1 crop
20% chance at 0 crop
For example 120% harvesting luck:
100% chance at 1 crop
20% chance at a 2nd crop
In the silo players have the ability to store vegetables. The silo has a limited amount of storage. Players have the ability to use in-game items to upgrade the silo to higher tiers to unlock more storage capacity.
Please note the storage capacities have not been finalized
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