Farmer's Market
In this document, players will be shown the different functions of the Farmer’s Market and how to use them. The entire farmer’s market is player-2-player and a free market. Meaning everyone can buy/sell for as much as they like & the DogeVille team does not intervene with the market conditions.
When a player clicks onto the Farmer’s market inside the game they will be shown the following screen. There are 4 different functions within the farmer’s market.
-Buy NFTs
-Sell NFTs
-Buy tokens through the DogeVille swap
-Mint Seeds
The first menu has the buy option displayed. This displays all the different seed NFTs that are currently listed by other players. At the bottom of every NFT, the player is able to see the price it is listed for.
Players are able to filter the farmer’s market to easily see NFTs they would potentially like to purchase. The filter includes the following:
-EVOL selection
-Crop selection
-Harvesting luck selection
-Mutations selection
-Rarity selection
-Sort by price
In the second tab, players are able to see all the NFTs they own & sell NFTs if they like to. As shown in the above message, if the NFT has not been listed it will show ‘’list item’’. If the NFT has been listed it will show ‘’cancel listing’’ by clicking this the player will cancel their NFT listing.
When a player wants to sell an NFT they click on the ‘’list item’’ and the following menu will pop up
Fill in the amount of DogeVille tokens you would like to receive when selling your NFT. Once you have decided on the amount you can click on ‘’list item’’ and a pop-up will show up depending on the crypto wallet you use. The player will have to confirm through the blockchain that they truly want to list their NFT. Once the player accepts the information will have to be updated with the blockchain. When this is complete the NFT will be listed on the buy tab for players to buy.
DogeVille Swap
Inside the DogeVille swap, the 3rd tab inside the Farmer’s Market players are able to purchase DogeVille tokens directly through the in-game function. These prices are equal to the prices on PancakeSwap. When a player would like to purchase DogeVille simply add BNB to the wallet & click the amount of BNB you would like to spend to purchase DogeVille tokens. Once the player confirms the tokens will be added to their wallet.
Note: This is currently not inside the game. The mint function was used to mint the first evolution 0 NFTs and will be used at a later date for potential partnerships of custom NFTs with different projects.
Last modified 7mo ago
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