Official DogeVille Whitepaper, last updated Jan 26, 2022


Welcome to DogeVille, inspired by games such as Stardew Valley and FarmVille. With the rise of cryptocurrency play 2 earn models DogeVille aims to be the farming game of cryptocurrency. Earn cryptocurrency by simply planting seeds, growing crops, and harvesting them on your farm.

The idea

Some of the best performing games in the industry are those that make the threshold to start playing low. The game should be easy to understand and have a clear overview of mechanics. DogeVille has been created with the ''average joe'' in mind. The goal is to make it so that both young and old can start playing with no hassle.

About the team

The team behind DogeVille was carefully picked by the founder because of their expertise, past experience, and work ethic. The people within the team have worked on various projects before and are nowhere to make DogeVille a reality. DogeVille aims to be a safe environment for holders. DogeVille team will always work with the utmost transparency to increase trust with the holders.
This is v1 of DogeVille whitepaper. Everything you read gameplay-wise could change at a later stage. As development goes on changes might be made to the core gameplay. As always with any investment DYOR(Do your own research). DogeVille team is not responsible for potential losses. Never invest more money than you can lose.
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